Morpheus Ravenna
Resident Artist

Tattoo Artist Morpheus Ravenna
Tattoo Artist | Morpheus Ravenna

I’m a lifelong artist, tattooing since 2010. I specialize in tattoo design inspired by ancient art forms, especially Celtic and Viking styles, and have a passion for ritual tattooing. I love fine linework, crisp ornamental detail, as well as painterly color work and natural textures such as feathers and wings. I recognize tattooing as an initiatory art and in both design and tattooing I strive to serve as a channel to bring my clients’ visions to life as indelible, living art in the skin. I was trained by Idexa Stern of Black & Blue Tattoo, a legend in the Bay Area. In addition to my tattooing work, I paint and illustrate in ink, watercolor and oils, and I blend art and ritual through the creation of sigils, bindrunes, talismans and other ritual artworks.